Parchment NST & NSA

Parchment is manufactured from pure pulp base-paper. After parchmentization the paper obtains specific properties – grease-proofness and water strength.

Parchment – microbiologically clean packaging material, it is not damaged in water even during boiling, it does not loose mechanical strength if it is moistened. It does not cause changes in organoleptic properties of food products, does not create foreign odor and savor and complies with any hygienic demand that compares it favorably with foil and polymeric synthetic materials. Any image can be printed on parchment perfectly. Parchment can be laminated with aluminium foil.


Parchment “NSА” (64 г/м2):

Packaging on automatic lines: waffles, biscuits, and other pastry items.

Inserted liners between confectionary products: zephyr, marmalade, khalva.

Parchment “NST” (50 – 64  г/м2) {flexible}:

Packaging on automatic lines for products with high content of fat and moisture: butter, cottage cheese, curd products.

Lining of corrugated packaging  

Perfect for flexographic printing and rotogravure.

Parchment “NSB” (40 – 64  г/м2) :

Packaging of food products. Underlining in corrugated packaging.


Parchment resists penetration of fat, moisture, it does not have odor and flavor.

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