Sack Kraft Paper NSM

Natural unbleached sack Kraft paper is a brown unglazed grade with two rough matte sides.

It is ultra resistant and used especially for the manufacture of medium and large size sacks. It can also be used as a base for all types of coatings, laminating and packaging.

Its exclusive mechanical strength means that natural brown sack Kraft paper is adaptable to a wide range of industrial, packaging and processing applications.
For all relevant uses, natural Kraft papers are certified suitable for food contact, thanks to their pure virgin fibres.

This range is available in various qualities, all with high mechanical strength thanks to the pure pulp made from unbleached virgin fibres. The range offers an array of options to meet our customers’ demands.
Papers offered exclusively on rolls.


Available in weights of 70 & 78 to 90 & 110 g/m², the Sack Kraft papers range offers high mechanical strength and meets all food contact requirements.

The mechanical characteristics of the NSM grade make it especially suitable for medium and large size sacks. It is also frequently used with coating, laminating, spiral-wound products, packaging and wrapping.

Technical Specification of – Standard Brown Sack Kraft Paper NSM

No. Property Unit Standart of test Typical values 70 gsm
1 Basic weight, 1m², g g/m2 GOST 13199 67-74
2 Tensile Strength, MD, kN/m, not less than MD kN/m ISO 1924-3:2005 5,0
3 Tensile Strength, SD, kN/m, not less than CD kN/m 2,3
4 Absolute tearing strength, MD, mN, not less MD mN GOST 13525.3 730
5 Absolute tearing strength, SD, mN, not less CD mN 760
6 Tear index, MD, mNm²/g, not less than MD mNm²/g ISO 1924-3:2005 8,2
7 Tear index, SD, mNm²/g, not less than CD mNm²/g 9,5
8 Air permeability, cm³/min, not less cm³/min GOST 12525.14 200
9 Tensile strength, MD, N (kgs), not less than MD kgs ISO 1924-3:2005 9,6
10 Tensile strength, SD, N (kgs), not less than CD kgs 4,3
11 Elongation, MD, % not less than MD % ISO 1924-3:2005 1,5
12 Elongation, SD, % not less than CD % 3,9
13 TEA, MD, J/m², not less than MD J/m² ISO 1924-3:2005 30
14 TEA, SD, J/m², not less than CD J/m² 55
15 TEA index, MD, J/kg, not less MD J/kg ISO 1924-3:2005 0,5
16 TEA index, SD, J/kg, not less CD J/kg 0,8
17 Cobb test 60, Mesh side, g, no more g GOST 12605 27
18 Moisture % % GOST ISO 287 7,0-11,0
Paper colour conforms the colour of natural fibre Approvals:  Produced in compliance with DfR and FDA food packaking norms
Test conditions according ISO 554 (23±1) 0C / (50±2)%
MD=Machine Direction, CD=Cross Direction Certification:  Voluntary forest certification FSC
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